Meet The Team – Grant Monaghan

Meet Grant Monaghan

medical prosthetist, orthotist & podiatrist

Grant Monaghan is the Director and Founder of Grant Monaghan & Associates INC.

Grant is a dual qualified practitioner in Podiatric Medicine and Medical Orthotics and Prosthetics. This dual qualification gives Grant the advantage of critical specialised Gait Analysis, a unique insight into biomechanical pathophysiology and the functioning of the human body, as well as well honed orthotic and prosthetic manufacturing skills.

More about Grant

Grant began his Podiatry Practice and Manufacturing Laboratory in 1999. He developed his skills as a Podiatrist and Manufactured  Orthotic Devices for a number of other practitioners while studying his degree in Medical Orthotics and Prosthetics.

In 2002, Grant partnered with an established practice and honed his skills as a dual qualified practitioner.

In 2007, Grant founded Grant Monaghan Orthotics and Prosthetics and then re-registered the company as Grant Monaghan & Associates with Director, Terence Garnett-Bennett.

Grant was voted in as a board member of the South African Orthotics and Prosthetics Association where he serves our profession as an advisor.

Grant has a long history of excellence in both the medical field and his sporting life as an all rounder in sports, in particular as a rugby player and now more recently as a competitive cyclist. He also has a keen interest in Sports Medicine and Orthotics, and being an athlete himself has a unique insight into what best suits the professional or aspiring athlete.

Grant’s areas of special interest include Lower limb biomechanics in sport, paediatric biomechanical development, treatment and gait rehabilitation, contemporary prosthetic designs and technology, assisting limb salvage medical teams by designing, manufacturing and providing pressure relieving and weight distribution support devices. Grant has also been very involved with neurological rehabilitation and has been part of the Rehabmatters team since it began in 2007. Grant has been involved in a few “firsts” in this country and continent. One of which was the BIOM powered foot/ankle prosthesis now known as the Empower. Grant is also one of the few Orthotists in Africa that is accredited in the “Elaine-Owen Method,” of gait analysis and prescribing orthotic devices for children with neurodevelopmental conditions, such as Cerebral Palsy, Paralysis and Spina Bifida.

Grant leads his team with passion for the profession and a love for providing innovative, evidence-based medicine to Africa. His ethos in his own life, as well as for Grant Monaghan  & Associates is one of compassion, excellence and continued growth and development.