Our team, at GM&A pride themselves on being specialist practitioners in the area of Paediatrics. 

GM&A provide and facilitate the treatment of world class medical services, from Cranial Remoulding, Gait Analysis and Ankle Foot Orthotic prescription.

GM&A provide scoliosis correction and management that rival world practices.

Cranial Remoulding Helmets

GMAA were the first practice in Africa to provide the American FDA approved STARband program. Their practitioner, and paediatrics specialist, Yovanka Torrente, has successfully treated over 200 babies with remoulding helmets. 

Ankle Foot Orthotics 

Our team at GM&A are trained in the prescription methods of the world-renowned, “Elaine-Owen” Method. Our team custom design and manufacture AFO’s that rival global standards.

Scoliosis Correction & Management 

We design our corrective scoliosis braces using the Chêneau Type 3D principles which has been proven internationally to be one of the most effective methods to correct and manage scoliosis. This method is also designed to complement Schroth physiotherapeutic scoliosis specific exercises(PSSE), which together form the ideal treatment plan for most scoliosis patients. 

Foot Orthotics

GM&A have specialities in the areas of both paediatric podiatry and orthotics. This dual approach enables us to serve our little patients with the best forward thinking, combined approach and treatment methods. Foot Orthotics can be used for little ones who struggle to get walking due to postural issues, for flat feet or muscle imbalances. 


GM&A are fortunate to be able to source mobility aids from a variety of local and international suppliers. Our mobility items are specially selected and custom adjusted and fit to each patients particular presentation and needs.

Please contact our team on 011 803 6649 or for a consultation.