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GMAA Testimonials:


34 years old

Above-Knee Amputee

GMAA Testimonials – “If you are reading this, you are probably in need of a great Prosthetist or know of someone who does. Well, look no further. I can vouch for this amazing team.


I lost my leg on the 2nd of Feb 2015, and as you can imagine, this was a very traumatic experience for me. It was thus very important for me to find someone who could guide me through the whole experience. I had countless people phoning me; from different attorneys to prosthetists. I felt like most of them were just after my money, until I met Terence, who immediately won my trust. I felt that the relationship we were forming was going to be lifelong, which in this case was very important as your leg won’t exactly grow back! Most of all, he knows his stuff. He is very knowledgeable.


The whole team is amazing, and I wouldn’t change to another team for anything. The finance ladies are on the ball and always helpful and friendly. I feel like I am very lucky to have met Grant Monaghan & Associates. They have made my journey comfortable and always look out for my best interest.”


32 years old

Above-Knee Amputee

GMAA Testimonials – “The staff and level of service at Grant Monaghan & Associates is, as we say in Afrikaans: “UIT DIE BOONSTE RAKKE”. I must say I’ve dealt with a lot of prosthetists and no one comes close to Terence and his team of helpers. The product quality is world class! I can go on with compliments forever, BUT rather give them a go yourself, you will not be disappointed. I will be staying with them until the day I draw my last breath!”


10 months old


GMAA Testimonials – “We are so grateful we found Yovanka Torrente to help our son Liam. An orthopaedic surgeon originally told us that there was nothing we could do. Liam developed a very flat head from sleeping on his back and we felt absolutely terrible. We put him to sleep on his back to prevent SIDS, having no idea that it could cause Brachycephaly. It happened within 6-8 weeks! From the start, everyone at Grant Monaghan & Associates was very kind to us and loved Liam. Yovanka has been absolutely amazing and has been available day and night to answer my many questions. Liam has made the most amazing progress and we are so happy and immensely relieved that he’ll be able to live his life without a head deformity. Yovanka is a special person who truly cares about her patients and goes beyond the call of duty to help. God bless everyone at Grant Monaghan & Associates for the life-changing work that you do!”


11 years old

Cerebral Palsy

GMAA Testimonials – “We have started seeing Yovanka at the end of 2017 for an AFO for my son after we met at a gait analysis course in October of 2017. The method and concept that we learned on the course of how the splint would work, to change my son’s walk pattern, was new to both her and us. Despite this, Yovanka went through a lot of trouble to make sure all the requirements were met and that the splint was comfortable. Nothing ever seemed to be too much trouble for her. She is very approachable and great with the kids. She is also constantly trying new ideas and materials to ensure a quality product when there is not a single simple solution. We are so happy we found her!”


38 years old

Below-Knee Amputee

A special thanks to Terence & Aunt Mandy. I’ve been using Grant Monaghan’s services for a few years now and have always experienced the best fitting and service. Terence has always willingly assisted me in getting my prosthetic to fit 100%. I have no issues with the products he suggests or the systems he advises me on. I walk with comfort and ease 95% of the time with minimal friction, as the socket is always done perfectly. If adjustments are required, Terence attends to it immediately; I can’t even remember being without my prosthetic for over a week. I can honestly say I let Terence take care of the entire prosthetic as I trust whatever he suggests or decides works for me.


As for the claims etc. on medical aid, I have no issues as it’s done through the office and sorted out. This will be my 4th prosthetic that Terence is taking care of and I’m confident it will work perfectly as always. The products supplied are also of excellent quality when it comes to wear and tear and last me quite a long time. Accessories like socks, sleeves etc. are always ordered and ready within a day or two.


Thanks to all at Grant Monaghan & Associates for a service over and above normal when it comes to ensuring patients have prosthetics that are comfortable and make living without a limb a minor inconvenience rather than a problem to live with. For me, the best thing is that people don’t even know I walk on a prosthetic until I tell them or it’s mentioned.


49 years old

Above-Knee Amputee

I’ve been an amputee for two years and it’s been the most challenging journey of my life. After countless operations and three years of trying to save my leg, I was told that it had to be amputated. I didn’t know where to turn for expert advice. My friend helped me research for hours until she came across Grant’s name and Rehab Matters. She phoned Grant and left a heartfelt and desperate message about me. This was at 7 pm at night.  That same night Grant phoned her back and she felt confident that Grant was the one to go see. A few days later we went to see Grant and I was petrified, not knowing what the future held.


Lyn was the very first person we spoke to at the reception area. She was so kind and gentle. I remember looking around at the other people in the waiting room whom all had their own traumatic stories to tell. I burst into tears as I was so overwhelmed. Lyn came and gave me a hug. Grant came to the reception and wheeled me into his offices. He sat and did a thorough consultation with me and assured me he would go through this journey with me step by step. He spoke about different prosthetics and what the procedure would be after my surgery. He spoke about how people with prosthetics can have a “normal” life.


Two weeks after my amputation I went back to see Grant and he explained in detail what was going to happen next. He went above and beyond to help me with getting my prosthetic and to show me how to use a temporary leg while I waited for my prosthetic. Crystal, his assistant, and the other staff members are angels to me. I realised the hard way that you don’t just get a leg and can start walking again; it’s a tough, long and often disheartening journey, but with the support of Grant and his team, it’s made me believe in humanity again.


Being an amputee is not easy, especially if you were as active as I was, but with determination, I will be as mobile as I possibly can be again. I train every day to keep myself strong and I push myself even though the pain can sometimes be excruciating. I often get frustrated that I’m not making progress but then I see how far I’ve come and I just carry on. One day at a time and one step at a time and just live in the moment, that’s all we can all ask for.


51 years old

Above-Knee Amputee

I am a transfemoral amputee, MVA. I am with Grant Monaghan at Rehab Maters. A big thank you to Grant and Terence for the outstanding work that they are doing.


My experience with Grant and Terence is a good uplifting one and the attention to detail in their work and technology is above the rest. Everybody working there, including the receptionist, truly care and always make you feel like you are in good and safe hands.


Well done and continue the excellent work!


54 years old

Below-Knee Amputee

I would recommend Rehab Matters to every patient who wishes to be transformed. From a patient into a functional person. Every person gets treated with respect and caring feelings – making the transformation totally possible. l love the people at Rehab Matters for the possibilities that they brought back into my life. Thank you Grant Monaghan and the rest of the practice.