Irmgard Bensusan

Para-olympic world record breaker Irmgard Bensusan lauds Grant Monaghan & Associates


South African born, Irmgard Bensusan, who competes for Germany as a Paralympic
sprinter shares her experience working with Grant Monaghan & Associates

In the 2016 Summer Paralympics, Irmgard Bensusan attained three silver medals in the 100, 200 and 400 metre sprints. Her most recent achievements include breaking the 100m and 200m world records in Leverkusen in June 2019.

Living in South Africa, Bensusan first took up athletics as an able-bodied competitor, but tore the nerves in her right knee in 2009 whilst competing in a hurdle event. The injury resulted in paralysis in her right leg below her knee.

Bensusan has been a loyal patient of GMAA since 2014, that resulted in a winning partnership with medical prosthetist and orthotist, Terence Garnett-Bennet.

As a professional para-olympian sprinter everything needs to be perfect. You need a good start, a fast race and gutsy tail wind because all you have is 12 seconds to make your mark. For this reason I also need my Prosthesis to be as close as it comes to perfect.

Even though I’ve been living in Germany for the past four years I haven’t yet found and trusted anyone like Terence. His work has always been neat and imaginative. But what actually makes the difference is his passion and  love for what he does.  He helps me to make every 12 second adventure one of sheer perfection!”