Pro-Flex Low Profile foot from Ossur.

Pro-Flex Low Profile Foot From Ossur

One of our favourite designs from the Ossur range. Decent ankle power, energy return and overall dynamics has often eluded people with longer residual limbs. Pro-Flex LP has been specially designed to counter those issues and to provide exceptionally smooth rollover.

Pro-Flex LP offers a high degree of ankle motion and fully effective toe length with ‘reverse tapered’ technology, allowing for greater dorsiflexion.

Less load and improved dynamics mean users with a longer limb can enjoy greater comfort for a wide range of activities. The lightweight anatomical foot cover features a steady-grip sole for barefoot stability on wet or slick surfaces, and a sandal toe for a wide range of footwear, including flipflops.

Designed for K3-K4 prosthesis users

A full-effective toe length and ‘reverse tapered’ technology allow the Pro-Flex LP to land and bounce back with comfort for a wide range of activities.

As with all Pro-Flex devices, it features our proprietary 3-blade design with full effective toe lever and a more anatomical split toe. This low profile foot certainly competes with some of the more expensive carbon feet out in the market.