Rheo XC Knee Joint by Ossur.

Rheo XC Knee Joint By Ossur

The latest generation of the very successful Rheo knee joint range – the Rheo XC, a microprocessor-controlled knee designed to support patients from early rehabilitation to full recovery with its effortless, intuitive, and stable functionality. K levels: K3 and K4

The RHEO KNEE® XC comes with several new features, including enhanced stability control, new exterior, and new smart extension, to help you move from early rehabilitation to full recovery. With the new Össur Logic App, you’ll have access to essential training exercises that will enable you to practice different movements from rehab to home and quickly gain confidence in your new prosthetic limb.

The Manual extension lock is useful during rehabilitation as well as certain daily tasks where safety is a concern.

Some of the most important improvements are:

Smooth Transition to Running

Progressing a walk into a light jog in rehab, to jogging with ease in a range of everyday situations

Automatic Cycling Recognition

It only takes one or two revolutions on the bike for the Rheo XC to know intuitively that it needs to change to cycling mode.

Improve range-of-motion training on a stationary bike in rehab for example,  to cycling for transportation or fitness.

Step-over-Step Stair Ascent

Strengthening affected side hip extensors in rehab to ascending stairs step-over-step.

Weatherproof design

Although this allows exposure to freshwater splashes, the Rheo XC knee joint should not be submerged in water.

Ossur Logic App

Ossur Logic software enables professionals to adjust easily the functionality for each user and access valuable activity reports.

In addition to checking knee status and battery charge level, the enhanced user mode offers access to a specially designed training program. The Össur Logic training feature supports clinicians to empower users, providing easy exercises that can be done in rehab and subsequently at home, at a pace to suit the individual.

Helping to improve confidence and gait, the exercises include symmetric weight bearing, rolling over the toe, more symmetric sitting down and stair descent.

Have a look at the video clips that demonstrates how to do these exercises safely.